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Our Floor Refinishing and Flooring Services In Kitchener​

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing is by far our most in demand service, so therefore we ensure that we specialize in it. We first start off your experience by offering a 100% free quote where we will arrive at your location to inspect the job, get to know your specific needs and do our very best to earn your trust. Once we get started with your refinishing, we guarantee that your house will absolutely shine because of the new floor look. We finish off by providing a 100% workmanship guarantee in which we will ensure your satisfaction before we leave you.

Hardwood Flooring

This is a great option for those who love the look of a Hardwood Floor but don't currently have one. We provide you with an entire list of hardwood floor types that we can install and work with you to find the best floor for your house. 

Stair Refinishing and Painting

Not only do we specialize in Floor Refinishing, we also love promoting our stair work as well! We offer Stair Refinishing, painting, including railings posts spindles etc

Commercial Jobs

We offer all of our services in any commercial environment as well! Gymnasiums, apartments, condos just to name a few. Let us know exactly what kind of property you are looking to brighten up and we will be the very best company you can trust to get you there. 

Laminate Floors

If you are looking for that amazing look and feel of a new floor but you still operate on a tight budget, let us help you out with a brand new Laminate Floor! A laminate floor from us will completely transform any room you would like to look sleek, modern and clean. Don't hesitate to call us up and ask for your free no obligation quote!

Deck Refinishing

Not only do we transform your floors to posses that shine and sparkle, we will do the exact same thing for your backyard deck. Just as we do with flooring, we will offer you an endless list of options to choose from and we will help and guide you every step of the way.

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